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Ad types on Facebook

Facebook Ad Types and how to make the most of them in 2022

Advertising on Facebook is a practical approach to reaching out to your target audience on the fastest-growing social network.


How big is it?


There are 2.80 billion active monthly users. That is, without a doubt, an incredible number.

Facebook advertising is all about putting your content in front of the right audience at the right time. As a result, individuals are far more likely to be interested in your goods or services.

Before you begin, it’s crucial to know the various Facebook ad types and targeting choices to get the best results and return on your investment.




Types of Facebook Ads 

Image Ads

Simple image advertisements are an excellent way to begin with Facebook paid ads. These are the most straightforward Facebook ads to make. It’s as simple to use a startling picture and adding some ad content to the remainder of the ad. 

Facebook’s algorithms will penalize your ad if you utilize too much text in your actual image. You can use Facebook image ads to raise brand awareness, sell items, and showcase your services.

For example, you could consider domain names a somewhat uninteresting offering. The Canadian Online Certificate Authority, on the other hand, continues to create amusing Facebook photo advertising.

Another example can be seen below in Facebook Ads Library from Holland & Barrett.


Facebook advertising image run by Holland & Barret

Video Ads

Video advertising is quite similar to image ads. Because audience engagement and watch percentages drop after 15 seconds, Facebook suggests making it 15-seconds or less. Try informing your narrative or getting your point through in those 15 seconds to create a lasting impact. 


Video ads are prominent Facebook ads for increasing conversions and engagement. This type of campaign is among the most popular forms of Facebook advertisements. Viewing video ads enhances brand association by 139%, and 90% of customers believe videos assist them in making purchasing decisions. Facebook video advertisements are a no-brainer for businesses or marketers looking to attract and reach their ideal audience. Videos are more engaging, and you can get across a lot of information to demonstrate your service or product offerings. 


Since the video auto-plays as people scroll the page, this Facebook ad structure is ideal for participation. It grabs the viewer’s attention, prevents them from swiping, and urges them to view the ad. Overall, video advertisements are a great approach to attract people and educate them about your company or product. 

Example of a Facebook video ad advertised by Airbnb from Buffer.


Airbnb Facebook Video Ad

Carousel Ads 

This ad format allows you to display up to ten photos or videos. If you want to promote many elements of your organization or the items you provide, this is a terrific ad style. In addition, people can see your text by swiping via the carousel ad. Certain ads have skillfully utilized them to create a tale that captivates their target audience’s attention. 


Each card is used as a stand-alone advert. You can place each item on a card with a customized video and pictures if you intend to show off ten different products. You may also make a single image and divide it into various pieces of your ad. If necessary, you may add specific links and Call to actions (CTAs) to every card in your carousel ad. 


Generally, this Facebook ad type is ideal for businesses who want to promote many items or services in a single ad.



Example of a Facebook Carousel ad by Square taken from Hello Digital.

Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads are a video-based alternative to banner ads. You may make a slideshow for your adverts on Facebook using many pictures. For example, to showcase items or services, use attractive photos that are accessible. At the ad design level, Facebook provides specific options that allow you to add features to your slideshow and even music.

Slideshow advertising may also be a good starting point for individuals who don’t have any video-creating knowledge yet still want to grab the viewer’s interest with the motion and music that makes video ads so powerful.



Example of slideshow ads from The Mobile Oil Changers

The mobile oil changers Slideshow ads

Slideshow creation template screenshot from Wordstream.

Instant Experience Ads

This Facebook ad type enables you to provide your viewers with a full-screen mobile advert experience. You may use a mix of photographs, videos, texts, and other elements to build an Instant Experience ad. In addition, this style of Facebook ad provides an immersive environment. People may use it to click, swipe, scroll and do other things. You may also customize your Instant Experiences ad with a variety of options.


Example taken from Insta Page.

Collections Ads

When a person taps on your Facebook Collection ad, it opens your Instance Experience ad right away. The primary purpose of Collection advertisements is to make it simpler for customers to find, look for, and buy items and services from their mobile devices.

Collection adverts are a great way to show your goods and services more engagingly. On the Collection ads, you’ll need a selection of photos as well as videos. Then, when people click and access your Instant Experience, those pictures and videos will appear. For example, the Collection ad would have a cover picture or video with several goods shown beneath it. Users will learn much about your offerings and may even go to your webpage.


Example from Facebook

Events Ads

Any business may use Facebook events to increase the number of people who attend tradeshows, charity events, fundraisers, sports tournaments, or even trips. In addition, some companies hold frequent events to raise brand recognition or generate leads. You may also improve your promotional strategies on Facebook’s channel by utilizing Event Ads. 

Once you’ve created an event, market it to get a large attendance or money from ticket revenue. You can establish or promote your event through the Facebook Ads Manager or your page.


Event Ad example from Wordstream.

Events ad example taken from Wordstream.

Messenger Ads

Developing Messenger Ads allows you to provide a more immediate and customized experience. You may market on Facebook Messenger in two ways. Messenger advertising may surface in your inbox between conversions, or Messenger advertising in stories may show in your inbox. 

When customers click on an ad, they can view it in a detailed view. They will also see a call to action to take them to the destination you specified when you made the ad.


Messenger Ad example was taken from Mobile monkey.

Example Facebook Messenger ad by mobile monkey.


You can build Facebook advertisements that suit your unique audience and marketing goals if you know the various Facebook ad types and options to promote your products or services. In addition, you can undoubtedly get the most from your Facebook marketing experience if you use a blend of all the different types of ads available on the platform.

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