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What Facebook Ad Budget Should I Start With?

All businesses need to advertise to reach more clients, no matter the type of business it is. The same also applies to anyone who wants to start a campaign to get more people. Facebook ads have become such a popular way of selling goods and services, and most businesses are now opting to use Facebook to promote their business. However, not even the ads are free because Facebook itself is a business that needs to make money through advertisements. Therefore, for a company to decide to use Facebook for their ads, they should consider their budget.

What is a budget?

 A budget is money set aside for a project or money one is willing to use on a particular task. A budget is the wisest thing a business owner could do because it helps you escape the burden of impromptu purchases or unplanned bills.

The first and most important question you should ask yourself if you want to put up an ad on Facebook is; how much money do I have to work with? Knowing your budget for running paid ads helps you plan so you don’t find yourself in a situation where the funding for daily business operations is negatively affected. Most business owners who want to run Facebook Ads always ask if there is a specific amount of money they should spend on the ad, and honestly, there is no correct answer to this question.

Facebook ads budgets differ significantly for different businesses because one cannot compare the ad they want to put up to another person’s ad on Facebook. Your Facebook ad budget depends on so many factors like; 

  • the business you are in and what products or services you offer your business brand, 
  • the objectives you wish to achieve after placing your ad on Facebook, 
  • the target audience of your ad on Facebook, among other reasons.

 For example, let’s look at a brand like Coca-Cola. It is a well-known soft drink brand that wishes to reach the most people on Facebook, no one excluded. For this reason and many others, you cannot compare their ad budget to, let’s say, a company that wishes to deliver their advertisement to a specific group on a low budget.

When deciding what Facebook ad budget you should begin with, bear in mind that there is always a minimum starting point. It is not the correct move to squander all your business profits to place an ad on Facebook as an entrepreneur. Instead, create a realistic minimum starting point to deliver the right message about your products or services to your target audience. You can then start increasing your budget incrementally when you begin to see a return on your investment or when you are in a better financial position within your business. 


If you don’t have money to spend on Ads, it would be better to focus on organic methods of promoting your business on digital marketing platforms.

Search Engine Optimization platforms like QuoraGoogleBingYahooPinterest and many more can help you. You can also make use of free listing sites to promote your business. 

 If you want to set up the overall budget for your campaign, you can do so with campaign budget optimization (CBO) or individual budgets for the ad sets on Facebook. 

Is there a difference between campaign budgets and ad set budgets? Yes. There is a difference.

Campaign Budget Vs. Ad Set Budgets 

Campaign budgets use campaign budget optimization, which lets you set a comprehensive campaign budget that automatically redistributes over time to the specified ad sets depending on the great offers available. Using campaign budgets would be a brilliant idea because it simplifies setting up the campaign and reduces the number of budgets you manage on your own. 

Campaign budgets enable you to get the best results from the whole campaign without putting in much work. In addition, a campaign budget saves you money that you could have otherwise spent if you had not used a campaign budget. So if you wish to put up an ad that would run a long time, it is best to consider having a campaign budget.

On the other hand, ad set budgets do not work like campaign budgets. If you want to have more control over your ads and how they are delivered within specific ad sets, setting individual budgets for your ad sets is advisable. It gives you accessibility and control over all your ads. Another reason you may opt to use ad set budgets is when you have mixed bid strategies, considerable differences in the size of your audience between ad sets, and optimization goals that differ.

Therefore, before you decide to use either campaign budgets or ad sets, first understand the nature of the ad you want to use and your ad’s end goal or objective. After this, you can decide the amount of money you intend to use on a daily budget or the entire lifetime of the ad set or the campaign.

Daily Budgets Vs. Lifetime Budgets

Budgeting does not have to apply only to long-term campaigns or ad sets. For example, if you wish to pay for your campaign or ad set each day, you can use the daily budget.

Daily budgets refer to the average money you intend to spend on a campaign or ad set every single day. Daily budgets are acceptable and convenient if you wish to consistently spend almost the same amount of money on your ads. It also depends on whether you want roughly the same results from your ads daily. Using daily budgets has its pros and cons, which you should weigh before deciding to use.

A lifetime budget is the total amount of money you want to spend during the period set aside for your campaign or ad set. Lifetime budgets enable you not to exceed the amount of money you had planned to spend. 

Therefore, lifetime budgets are a hard cap.


Facebook ad budgets differ for every business depending on several factors such as your service or product offering, your business goals, your financial position, your brand and your target audience. 

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